Friday, January 11, 2013

Major General Ian Cardoza (VMGIC)  on NDTV - killing, beheading and mutilations of Jawans by Pak troops in J&K.

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VMGIC (first disabled officer to command a battalion and a brigade) appeared and gave his opinion on killing, beheading and mutilations of Jawans by Pak troops on Tuesday.

In a discussion between many panelists and in context of views expressed by other panelists VMGIC disagreed completely and said there is political & diplomatic response but where is military response ?

VMGIC further said that his policy was - “(if you take one then I will take five)”, where he meant  “Army has all the necessary legal and departmental authorization to defend the Line of Control and my instructions were clear that if Pakistan comes to our side of LOC and kills one Indian Jawan then immediately go to other side and  kill at least 5 Jawans of Pakistan 

What VMGIC implies is that the hullabaloo in India over this sad affair in public domain and in media is nonsense and unnecessary, because only said one approach (popularly known as ‘Iint ka Jawab Patthar’ - Stone in reply to brick’) is effective than this useless talk to Pak diplomats etc.

What VMGIC implies is the same as is the common story where a father says to his son that don’t come weeping to me when other boys beat you, rather beat the other boys and let their parents come to me with complaint against you.

VMGIC made it further clear by saying that Army officers at site should make the COST of such killings of Indian Jawans unacceptable to Pakistan.

In a nut shell because Army officers at site are not giving proper military response which would solve such problems at site only (and may even be deterrent for such sad instances of beheading and mutilation) hence it has become the affair of and matter for discussion for every body in 1.2 Billion India.

That means as per Indian Army’s policy (which VMGIC was following)  the Indian Amy should have killed more Jawans of Pakistan and as per VMGIC that does not require any sanction from Delhi because as per VMGIC it is the duty of Army to defend LOC in every possible way whichever Army officers on the spot considers fit & proper.

This analysis of VMGIC certainly raises serious questions on the professional competence of Army officers in Command & Control (at sector where these Tuesday killings took place) who have been for long violating this policy of Indian Army and violated in this case also and did not give proper military response and did not go towards Pakistani side of LOC to immediately kill ~ 10 Jawans of Pakistan in retaliation to two killed Indian Jawans on the Indian side of LOC.

Therefore Defense Ministry is under obligation to clarify this matter, as these killing, beheading and mutilations of Jawans by Pak troops have immensely agitated the people across the country. 

Veterans of Indian Army and other persons related to armed forces & defense establishment (who are appearing in media in great numbers on this issue) may also enlighten the people and may give their opinion on Veteran Maj General Ian Cardoza’s said doctrines of Indian Army policy -  (i)-Military response (ii)-  Unacceptable cost to Pakistan and (iii)- No orders needed from Delhi for defending border / LOC  in above mentioned way


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