Monday, November 18, 2013

CNR Rao calls politicians idiots
Bangalore, November 17
Venting out the dissatisfaction in the scientific community over “inadequate” funding, Bharat Ratna awardee and eminent scientist CNR Rao today had an angry outburst as he called politicians “idiots” for giving them “so little”.

Addressing a press conference a day after the award was announced, Rao, who is the Chairman of Prime Minister's Scientific Advisory Council, stressed the need for providing more resources for research.
“....for the money that government has given to scientific sector, we have done much more,” he retorted, when a reporter asked if he felt that the standard of the scientific research in the country. “....Why the hell these idiots these politicians have given so little for us. In spite of that we scientists have done something,” Prof Rao said, losing his cool.
“Our investments are marginal, comes late.... for that money we have got, we have performed. For the money we have been getting it is not bad at all, after all this kind of money is nothing.”
Asked about China progress, the scientist said that, “We also have to take blame on ourselves, Indians we don’t work hard, we are not like Chinese. We are easy going and we are not as much nationalists...If we get some-more money we are ready to go abroad.” — PTI
Pensioners to get arrears from Jan 2006 Apex court upholds earlier orders in favour of employeesVijay Mohan
Tribune News Service
Chandigarh, November 17
The Supreme Court has dismissed the review petition filed by the Central Government wherein the government had prayed that the benefits of pension arising out of the rectification of anomalies of pre-2006 pensioners should be granted from September 2012 and not January 2006.
Consequently, all affected defence and civilian pensioners would now be entitled to arrears with effect from January 1, 2006, the date of implementation of the Sixth Pay Commission (SPC), and not just for the past about 14 months as was the government’s intention.
After the plea of the Central Government praying for release of pension arrears from September 2012 rather than January 2006 was dismissed by the Supreme Court in July this year, the Department of Pensions and Pensioners’ Welfare (DoPPW) had referred the file for further action to the law and finance ministries, which then directed the DoPPW to file a review petition.
The controversy on implementation of the SPC recommendations had been simmering for defence as well as civilian pensioners since January 2006. The issue involved the interpretation whether pension would be based on the minimum pay within the pay-band (PB 1,2,3 or 4) or the minimum of pay of the pay-scale applicable to various grades and ranks. Each pay band consists of several pay scales. The Central Administrative Tribunal (CAT) had however ruled in favour of pensioners and had directed re-fixation of pension from January 2006.
An anomaly committee headed by the Cabinet Secretary had finally corrected the anomaly but the arrears of the corrected pension were directed to be released by the government only with effect from September 24, 2012 rather than January 1, 2006.
When the decision of the CAT was challenged before the Delhi High Court, it was again directed by the High Court that arrears would flow from the date of inception of the anomaly, that is, January 1, 2006 and not September 24, 2012. The government had challenged the decision of the Delhi High Court by way of an SLP before the Supreme Court but the SLP was also dismissed.
A similar case filed by Maj Gen K Khorana for military pensioners is pending before the Chandigarh Bench of the Armed Forces Tribunal. Sources said the DoPPW had earlier supported the demands of pensioners but the same had been opposed by the Department of Expenditure in the Ministry of Finance. 
Army coup story came from a fertile brain: VK Singh 
A routine movement which is meant to test certain units for their efficiency for certain tasks, if that gets construed (as coup), then God help us.
General VK Singh, former army chief
Mumbai, November 17
Former Army chief General VK Singh has dismissed the story of an alleged coup attempt by Indian army in January 2012 as the product of a "very fertile brain" and said it was at "somebody's behest".
"That (coup bid) story was at the behest of somebody," he said. "A routine movement which is meant to test certain units for their efficiency for certain tasks, if that gets construed (as coup), then God help us," he said. The former Army chief was speaking at the launch of his autobiography, "Courage and Conviction", at the 'Literature Live' literary festival here last evening.
Asked if it was necessary to have live missiles as part of the movement, General Singh replied, "Obviously. You move with the complete ammunition. You don't take duds with you. How will you know the timing taken to draw those missiles. How will you get the lessons," he said. "This was a story which came out from a very "fertile" brain," he said. "When you mobilise, then you mobilise with everything," General Singh added.
To a query on the "phobia" about the armed forces in government, the retired Army chief said, "This phobia or this paranoid feeling... I have talked about it in the book.” — PTI