Wednesday, June 26, 2013


India has always contributed its part to provide the world with better facilities and to make it a better place for all. Listed below are some of the biggest and greatest inventions by our Indian brother and sisters that changed the way the world looked at us. We use many of theinventions listed below in our daily basis. Well whatever it was, all inventions created landmark in the way people used to live their life.
On the occasion of our 63rd Republic Day as on 26 January 2012, we are very happy and proud to showcase these inventions which really are more than just simple inventions. 10 of the most notable inventions are:

10 of the biggest Inventions in India:

1.) Cotton Gin: Cotton Gin is a machine which is used to separate cotton from its seeds very quickly is an invention by Indians and Ajanta Caves of India speaks for its evidence.
2.) Button: The most important part of  clothing, is a small fastener used to hold two sides of a fabric securely. No doubt how commonly and regularly every single person on this earth is benefited by this invention. Button is yet another invention by Indians about 5000 years ago in Mohenjo-daro in the Indus Valley. That time buttons were generally made by using sea shell. Modern buttons are made from more convenient and cheap material called ‘Plastic’ .
3.) Steel: Indians invented yet another form of steel which was more strong and ductile which Europeans later called as Crucible Steel. Crucible Steel was invented in India in early 300 BC.
4.) Ink: Commonly known as India Ink is a simple black ink used for various purposes including writing, drawing etc is also one another gift by Indians to the world in late 4th century BC
5.) Playing Cards: Playing cards also originated in Ancient India.Huh!

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