Thursday, February 28, 2013


When the Finance Minister allots funds in his budget under various schemes and claims that all these schemes are ultimately for the benefit of the  economically deprived section of the society, the common men inevitably view such budget proposals with scepticism and disinterest. 
The fact is that there is no project of the government today where substantial amount of funds are  not syphoned away  by the politicians , government officials at various levels and business men ; all at the cost the aam admi  for whom   such projects and funds are supposed to be ultimately intended.   In India , it has become a hopeless situation , with the Prime Minister of India not seem to be concerned about the level of corruption and nepotism in his administration.  He conveniently keeps his eyes and mouth closed , while   the fact is that he has all the powers to enforce probity in public life , if only he has the desire, will and administrative acumen.
This budget which the Prime Minister and Finance minister claim  as one of  thoughtful exercise , is a wasteful document as far as the common man is concerned, who now realises that anything positive can happen in the country only with the eradication of corruption.  In such corrupt conditions, the budget is a proposal in vacuum, as the implementing machinery continues to remain dishonest.
Nandini Voice for The Deprived

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