Thursday, December 9, 2010

China's Sinister anti- India moves

Dear All,
Reference: China’s sinister anti-India moves
Yet there is stability in the relationship by Gurmeet Kanwal- click here

There is some stability in Indo China relations (We have not had an Op Prakaram or gone to war!!!) due to the simple reason that India has been bending over backwards and accepting politely many anti India policies and of China enumerated in the article ie acting like a SOFT STATE.

What conclusions the Chinese and the world draw from this in formulating their policies towards India is to be examined very carefully by us and appropriate lessons drawn.

What caution let alone threat does India pose on China!! China does what it wants against India including arming Pakistan with nuclear weapons and missiles!! And we think many times before deciding whether to attend the Noble Prize ceremony in OSLO for the Chinese dissident!!

Neighbours cannot have lasting relations if one is very aggressive/dominating and
the other docile.

India is not a small or under developed country. We are aspiring to be a world power and member of security council. Our leadership is letting us down by cowing down to Chinese assertiveness. The leadership is busy in letting happen scam after scam and then trying to getting out of them. The Mantra is only one-TO STAY IN POWER BY ANY MEANS-in other words BY HOOK OR CROOK!!!

But then people of a country get governments that they deserve. Everyone is busy in consumerism. The Nation does not seem to matter. We as a nation have to change our mind sets and priorities. There is a need for a dynamic leader to bring about revolutionary changes in our ethos!!
God bless Bharat.
Harbhajan Singh
Lt Gen

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