Saturday, October 5, 2013

Latest British Killer Submarine
Inside the British Navy's new £1 billion super-sub, this Deadly Hunter Killer submarine is capable of hearing a ship leaving port in New York... while sitting submerged in the English channel.
  • One of the world's most sophisticated and powerful nuclear submarines
  • Carries dozens of cruise missiles capable of hitting targets 1,200 miles away
  • Her sonar can detect vessels moving on the other side of the ocean
  • Powerful nuclear reactor allows her to cruise non-stop for 25 years
  • HMS Ambush is so hi-tech the giant submarine doesn't even need a periscope
She cost around £1 billion to build, has sonar so sensitive it can hear other vessels 3,000 miles away and carries a giant payload of 38 deadly Tomahawk cruise missiles.
HMS Ambush, the Royal Navy's newest nuclear attack submarine, is one of the most sophisticated and powerful vessels of her type ever built.
The giant Astute-class sub, which was launched today, is so hi-tech she doesn't even need a periscope.
Her crew instead using a digital camera system to see above the surface when she is submerged.
Built by BAE Systems, she has enough nuclear fuel to carry on cruising for up to 25 years non-stop - giving her huge tactical flexibility.
Her nuclear reactor is so powerful her range is only really limited by the need for maintenance and resupply.
Astute-class submarines are the largest, most advanced and most powerful in the history of the Navy, boasting world-class design, weaponry and versatility.
HMS Ambush can travel over 500 miles in a day, allowing them to be deployed anywhere in the world within two weeks. 
The vessel is also one of the quietest sea-going vessels built, capable of sneaking along an enemy coastline to drop off special forces or tracking a boat for weeks.
HMS Ambush: Her powerful nuclear reactor allows her to travel around the world without stopping. She can cruise for up to 500 miles in a day
Foreign forces will find it almost impossible to sneak up undetected by her incredibly powerful sonar equipment that can hear halfway around the world.
Her Tomahawk missiles are capable of hitting targets up to 1,200 miles away - making her a vital weapon for Britain 's armed forces.
The sub's commander Peter Green, 47, said the vessel's capabilities are 'unparalleled.'
'This sub is a huge step forward in underwater operations,' he told the Daily Mirror.
'Her listening ability is quite awesome. She has a sonar system with the processing power of 2,000 laptop computers.
Technology: Leading engineering technician Andrew Gee tests out the sub's steering system in the control room
'It is possible this class of submarine is the most advanced in the world.'
Another Astute Class sub is currently undergoing sea trials – and could be operational within a year.
Many details of HMS Ambush's weapons systems cannot be revealed for security reasons.
Most of her 103-strong crew live in bunk-beds measuring two meters by one meter, with up to 18 submariners sharing one room.
After today's launch HMS Ambush will begin sea trials before eventually beginning operations.


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