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                            SIS GANJ GURUDWARA
             Chandni Chauk, DELHI 

 Sis Ganj Gurudwara is A VERITABLE HINDU PILGRIMAGE CENTRE for all Hindus, the world over.

What makes this Sikh Gurudwara  a HINDU pilgrimage center?

To find an answer we need to take a peep into the History.

It was the year 1675 AD; Bharat was enduring indescribable miseries, trampled underfoot of Islamic Mleccha invaders.

It was during that period, that a delegation of about 500 Kashmiri Brahmins led by Pundit Kripa Ram met Guru Teg Bahadur at Anandapur Saheb with their harrowing experiences and tales of torture by Aurangzeb forcing Hindus to convert to Islam.

The choice was “Convert-Or-Perish”

Guru Teg Bahadur took upon himself the task of rescuing not just the Kashmiri Brahmins but the entire Hindu society.

But why Aurangzeb, was bent upon converting the Kashmir Pundits in the first place?

Even this has a History.

Aurangzeb vexed with the enigma of thriving Hindu presence in Bharat, despite centuries of Muslim rule, vis-à-vis, the total annihilation of native cultures in other Muslim lands; called his Court to Order one day and beseeched them for a solution. His council of advisors then suggested, that:-

·         The Seat of Hindu thought and inspiration must be identified and destroyed; they conclusively opined that, this was the only sure way of ensuring that the perennial flow of faith is put to an end.

·         Having said this, Banaras (Kashi) was identified as being the Seat of Hindu faith and the Brahmins of Banaras were identified as its custodians – they were pulled up and were, in the usual Muslim way (read Torture, Cruelty, Torment, Pest and Rape Etc.), asked to convert.

 Aurangzeb then, repeated the same Torture, Cruelty, Torment, Pest and Rape Etc. formula on the Kashmiri Brahmins i.e. Kashmiri Pundits as well. Those were the days when the Sikhs were the army of  Hindus; and were approached by the Kashmiri Brahmins.

Gobind Rai (later the legendary tenth and the last Guru of Hindusthan), the light of the Khalsa movement, the beacon who showed the world what unquestioned obedience is, by way of the “panch-pyaara's” –was at that time only 9 years old and was sitting beside his father Guru Teg Bahadur – who, most gallantly took upon himself the responsibility of Protection of the Hindu faith which at that time was under severe threat of annihilation under orders of Aurangzeb. He asked the Kashmiri Brahmins to go and tell Aurangzeb that:-

1.      Kashmiri Pundits would convert to Islam If Guru Teg Bahadur converts first.

2.      Thereafter the Brahmins of Banaras would convert and, then,

3.      The entire Hindu population would  convert to Islam

Delighted at such an easy solution of converting the entire Hindu dharma into Islam, Aurangzeb invited Guru Teg Bahadur to Delhi. Guru Teg Bahadur along with his disciples Bhai Mati Das, Bhai Sati Das and Bhai Dyal Das, went to Delhi and met the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb.
         The great Guru held extensive discourses on Religious, Philosophical, Spiritual, Logical, Scientific 
          and even some Mundane matters to dissuade Aurangzeb from converting Hindus to Islam.

But what does an Islamic dogmatist that Aurangzeb was, could understand the counsel of a great Guru?

Aurangzeb was deeply disappointed and disillusioned and seething with vengeance made two offers to Guru Teg Bahadur:-

·         Either embrace Islam or

·         Face beheading

The great Guru preferred beheading than to convert to Islam.

The very Embodiment of Benevolence, Aurangzeb (as described by ourHistory books) ordered that Guru Teg Bahadur and disciples should be killed.

Aurangzeb who was considered (as is being proclaimed by our History Books) to be a fervent follower of the religion of peace (Islam) unveiled the epitome of Islamic peace and benevolence on 09.11.1675 and made History.

The following is a portrayal of pinnacle of acts of Islamic Peace:-

Right in the presence of the great Guru, his disciples were done to death one after the other.

1.      Bhai Mati Das was cut into two halves by slicing through head downwards as per dictates of Islam. 
 MatiDas while standing erect was tied between two posts. He was asked if he had any parting words, to which Mati Das answered, “I request only that my head be turned toward my Guru as I am executed.” Two executioners placed a double-handed saw on his head. Mati Das serenely uttered “Ek Onkar” and started reciting the Japji Sahib, the great morning prayer of the Sikhs. He was sawn across from head downwards.

2.      Dyal Das abused the Emperor and his courtiers for this act. He was tied up like a round bundle and thrown into a huge cauldron of boiling oil. He was boiled alive into a block of charcoal.

3.      Sati Das condemned these brutalities. He was wrapped round with cotton and burnt alive and then he was hacked to pieces limb by limb.
4.      Then Guru Teg Bahadur was beheaded.

All this happened on 9th November, 1675 AD in Chandni Chowk under the orders of Emperor Aurangzeb. 
They all sacrificed their lives and withstood all pain and sorrow for us, the Hindus. Thank you, Sikh Pant.

Now the question arises:-

1.      Why did Guru Teg Bahadur become a martyr when he had all the chances to escape the inhuman torture and death by accepting Aurangzeb's offer to convert to Islam ? For Hindus.

2.      Why should Bhai Mati Das,Dyal Das and Sati Das have suffered such horrific death when they too had all chances to escape such merciless torture and death? For Hindus.

3.      For whom they endured all the inhuman suffering and made all these sacrifices? For Hindus.

 They suffered and sacrificed their lives so that the Hindus could survive. How many Hindus of these days are actually aware of this part of history that has helped them to survive the onslaught of  religious zealots?
How many in South even know the name of the great Guru Teg Bahadur Ji? Is it not our primary duty to pay homage and respects to the great Souls?   

Being a Hindu, I felt that it was my minimum responsibility to pay my respects and obeisance at the altar of supreme sacrifice for the sake of Hindu dharma by the great Guru and his disciples.
Let every Hindu, henceforth include Sis Ganj Gurudwara in their itinerary of pilgrimage. Without a visit to Sis Ganj Gurudwara our pilgrimage would be incomplete.

 Another Gurudwara with a historical significance is Majnu-ka-Tila Gurdwara (on the Ring Road) which also merits visiting (Guru Hargobind Singh, after returning from Gwalior with the heroic release of Princes detained against their will by the Mughal Ruler Jahangir) stayed here. Nearby, there is a memorial of Bhai Mati Das (who was sawn through by Aurangzeb)

Bangla Sahib Gurudwara is a seat of political and ethical power of the Sikhs in Delhi. Enormous work of charitable acts goes on here by day and night.
Ignoring such heinous acts of the Mughal emperor,   our secular ( ? ) politicians have shown their respect and regard for his memory
 by naming a very important road in Lutyens Delhi after his name; the Aurangzeb Road.

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