New Delhi: Army is learnt to be locked in a tussle with Air Force and Navy over the post of the Strategic Forces Commander as it has staked sole right over the position which manages the nuclear arsenal of the country.
The Strategic Forces Commander (SFC), a part of the Nuclear Command Authority headed by the Prime Minister, is responsible for managing and administering the nuclear arsenal of the country.
It is learnt that the Army has told the Government that it wants the post of the SFC to be reserved for its officers on the ground that majority of the strategic arsenal of the country is with it only, sources said here. The Army is believed to be of the view that the post of the SFC should not be given to either Air Force or Navy as at present they do not have much of strategic assets, they said. The other two Services, it is learnt, have opposed this and said the Government should continue with the present system where the Lt Gen-rank officers of all the three Services get a chance to head the formation in rotation.
At present, the post of SFC is held by a Navy officer -- Vice Admiral SPS Cheema. 

The two-layered NCA responsible for the management of country's weapons comprises a political council and an executive council. 
The political council is chaired by the Prime Minister and has the sole authority for the use of nuclear weapons whereas the executive council headed by the National Security Adviser provides inputs for decision making by the NCA and executes the directives given to it by the political council.