Friday, July 1, 2011

India has outsourced its Foreign Policy

Has India outsourced its foreign policy to US?Shobhan Saxena
29 June 2011, 06:38 PM IST

We are so proud of the techies in our little Silicon Valleys (Bangalore, Hyderabad) that we mistakenly believe that the nerve-centre of US economy is now in India and the Americans can’t do anything until a guy sitting somewhere in India presses a button.
No doubt, thousands of young Indians (with fake names and fake accents) every day tell hundreds of thousands of Americans how to make their credit card payments or how to use a toilet cleaner, but to assume that we run America is preposterous. The fact is that our economy is dependent on American companies which outsource their work to us (at the cost of poor Americans). If the Americans stop hiring our cheap labour, it’s India that will get hit, not the Americans. Every time an American leader talks against outsourcing, India’s BPO bosses begin to shiver with fear... Read more click here
Comment: Indian Foreign Policy is rudderless manned by a crew (bunch) of incompetent IFS bureaucrats who only see their Bank Balance swell in Foreign Lands! How rudderless? click here (Paid my own bill for overstay to watch Wimbledon)

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