Saturday, June 9, 2012

US naval base in Chittagong?

Indian news channel reports; US denies

Star Report
The United Sates wants to park its seventh fleet in Bangladesh for its strategic interests, says Times Now, a Mumbai-based 24-hour English news channel.
Worried by increasing presence of Chinese naval bases in the South China Sea, America now eyes a counter strategy as it wants an overall presence in Asia -- right from Japan to its Diego Garcia base in the Indian Ocean, the TV channel reported on Thursday. The Times of India online edition carried the report.
By parking its seventh fleet in a Chittagong base, the US will be able to keep an eye on China and have a strategic post in Asia as it pulls out of Afghanistan, says the report.
The US State Department has denied on record that Hillary Clinton's recent visit to Dhaka had anything to do with military co-operation.
The visit was rather strategic than friendly and India was caught unaware, Times Now said.
The Bangladesh government remains extremely tight-lipped over the developments as it has internally decided to deny it on record, fearing backlash from their own hardliners, said the report.
“This move by America could put India on the back foot if the American fleet moves to Bangladesh. All of Indian security installations will come under the American scanner…The base could cast a shadow on Indian interest,” it added.

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