Monday, April 2, 2012

THE TIMES OF INDIA-20 top scientists quit DRDO in 6 months

Dear Veterans,

Most of you have dealt with DRDO in your service life. Your considered views and suggestions will be welcomed.

Please see below comments by various people on Times of India Blog.

Dr. VD Mishra (Chandigarh)
27 Jan, 2012 10:28 AM
I am really surprised to read commentary by all peoples as mentioned above. it is very easy to give commentary. I can give the same for whole day. Peoples do not know much about DRDO. I am dealing with almost all IIT's and other scientific organization. I have completed my education from IIT Delhi. I stayed their for 8 years. DRDO is the only organization whose work is seen and they are answerable. If you look about IIT, IISC, TIFR, PRL etc. what are they doing. Where is their research. It is all hidden. We shouldnot compete with USA right now. India got independence in 1947. Other countries are independent long before. It is very difficult to judge science. What we must do in India is that all IIT students should be given six months project on part of defence systems during their undergraduate program. Those who are talking rubbish. I assign them one problem. If they can solve it will be OK. I am giving them five years. Suggest 100% proven technology to detect hidden crevasses for our soldier to move in Siachen glaciers. When crevasses are hidden by fresh snowfall during winter it is difficult for soldier to move. If our accuracy is 99 % it will not work. Jawan will fall in crevasse and die. It is my challenge.

aazhwarkadiyan (Chennai)
10 Feb, 2011 01:13 PM
A few things have to be noted - The Indian private industry is not that well developed to do top end technology. It is OK to write a few lines of code, but top end technology requires a hardware base which is woefully inadequate in India. Moreover, the top companies, even Tata and L&T would like to invest in R&D only for a product realization where there is a need in the market - not for something which may be required in fewer numbers like missiles. DRDO has a lot of flab, but to dismiss it is not understanding the country's needs. if India ever has to beat any country , nobody is going to offer their latest technology. What is available in the market is at least 20 years old. Technologically, we are a baby, None of our universities are ranked in the top 200 in the world, let us get real - our talent pool is not of that quality. And DRDO has to take from that talent pool. That the ex-DRDO people are able to get better opportunities is in self due to the exposure that they got in DRDO. Of course, there are policy decisions, as in any other field, with politicians not understanding the issues, and the lack of governance is permeating to all levels - just not DRDO. Not everything can be privatized - that includes core research that has no immediate mass market. And technologies arising from these fields become mass market later. It is not about the profit lines, but research, sometimes a lifetime that doesn't yield results. And who can support it except the government ?

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S.Venugopalan (Pune)
06 Feb, 2011 11:19 AM
I feel embarrassed to say that I served in DRDO for about 25 years. It IS true that it is a fast rotting organisation, mired in total inefficiency, mysterious unaccountability, atrocious nepotism and favouritism and above all, the dangerous culture of bluffing the public about its "achievements". Huge amounts of taxpayers' money is going into the drains in the name of DRDO budget in a country where millions do not get food to eat even twice a day. All committees appointed to review the performance of DRDO after a lot of public outcry are all bogus and eyewash committees which make some cosmetic recommendations in the form of bulky reports. The Govt. must seriously think of dismantling DRDO and resort to the import of ammunition and weapons or think of complete privaisation.

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shalini (USA)
02 Feb, 2011 08:41 PM
Shalini (USA) India Govt DRDO labs are corrupted. They always hire relatives of other people working in different labs. I approached two times in NRI category, but no one replied. If these things will go on, then GOD bless INDIA.

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r.sarkar (Kolkata)
01 Feb, 2011 10:17 AM
It is true that DRDO is a white elephant. Rampant corruption and mismanagement are the major workloads in the DRDO instead research. Govt. should make way for other alternative and stop syphoning of tax payers money.

Anand (India)

01 Feb, 2011 08:24 AM
Scientists and researchers should not be treated like beggars. This is what is happening in a typical govt. lab in India. They do not even know how to keep applications safe. In case of NRI applications most of the applications will be lost in bureaucracy. Sick to work for such people and put one's precious life at risk. Govt. should adopt better ways to counter this or give leadership role to fresh recruits.

Ajith (Bangalore)

31 Jan, 2011 09:23 PM
Its time to disband this white elephant called DRDO. No major contribution to the defence needs of India. but has drained money and resources for the past 5 decades. We still have to buy all our major weapons and systems from outside. The real reason these guys resigned will be b'cos they did not get the positions they fought for. Talk to anybody in Bangalore who has worked for this organization and they will tell you the politics, the corruption the mismanagement etc..etc.. that goes on inside. Better spent the money in buying proper equipment for our soldiers who are the ones dying for us.

Nisheeth Nishant (Chennai)
31 Jan, 2011 05:42 PM
All the projects of national importance get delayed because of high attrition rate.Why government cannot have a policy like private company that the people who are important for the project is retained by paying higher perks. DRDO has is a place of incompetent people, Tejas has incurred 3000% more cost than it was actually allocated and delay of more than a decade. If that 3000% would have been given to the scientist the result would have been different. Government should have a policy as the person in same rank or year of experience can have a different in salary as in private sector based on the merit of the employee.

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