Thursday, March 29, 2012

5G is Here:How will we Test it?

The recent introduction of IEEE802.11ac standard poses a new testing challenge. The IEEE802.11ac will consume very high data rates in a 5.2 GHz frequency area while using a wide bandwidth (up to 160 MHz) and advanced MIMO technologies. On top of these, the IEEE802.11ac will require very high order modulation, like 256QAM. Considering these technological challenges, we already know that the conventional ways of testing may not work at all, due the fact that the test and measurement devices must always over perform the device under test.

In this presentation we discuss realistic throughput values obtained in the field and compare them to the theoretical values to offer insight as to how well wireless devices in general are performing in the field.

We also screen the requirements, specifically against IEEE802.11ac standard, of test and measurement equipment to identify the essential features. Finally, we shall list several public product announcements on IEEE802.11ac to illustrate how the industry is already working on 5G.

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