Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Can India and Pakistan make Peace?

The author Ex- Major Agha H Amin, Pakistan Army and is well reputed military historian from PAKISTAN who left the Army as a major and is settled in USA. He has done extensive research on ₹1857 Mutiny and his output is produced in Defence Journal-( Pakistan).
The article is an extreme view but not unrealistic. In nutshell, Pakistan will remain a thorn in our side for ever and ever.
Harbhajan Singh

Friday, November 25, 2011
Can India and Pakistan make Peace ! By Major (Retired)Agha .H. Amin, Pakistan Army.

Utopians in India are jubilant that Pakistan has made peace with India. Nothing in reality can be farther from the truth. The recent sudden angelic desire on part of the Pakistani establishment to make peace with India has nothing to do with any major shift in Pakistan's foreign policy written in the Pakistani military headquarters popularly known as the GHQ.
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