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India Treats Terrorists with Reverence- Dawood keen to Surrender?

A fictional account but fairly an accurate assessment
"osamaji- you did a cardinal mistake in seeking asylum in Pakistan, which is the most unsafe place in the world. Had you stayed in India you would have lived for another 30 years, thanks to the great Indian judicial system with multiple options. On top of it there is Presidential clemency and you could be sure no decision will be taken till the next millennia.
Take my own case, i am cooling my heels in Indian jail. I abuse the press, police, politicians and the judiciary. Nothing has happened.
Even an average Indian is an extremely nice guy. If you slap him he won't slap back. He'll find a pen and paper and file a complaint before Police who will not act on it as they have to determine whether the particular police station has jurisdiction or not. That is india. But it is a haven for terrorists, drug peddlers, rapists, black marketeers and money launderers.
The indian bureaucracy, politicians, police, press and good number of citizens are available for sale. Only you must know the price tag.
Fairly accurate assessment of the state of our Nation

Unsafe in Pakistan, Dawood plans to shift base, Updated: June 06, 2011 16:25 IST
Mumbai: The ongoing US offensive against terrorists in Pakistan that saw bigwigs like Al Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden and HuJI head Ilyas Kashmiri falling, has left India's most wanted criminal Dawood Ibrahim jittery, prompting the elusive don to contemplate shifting his base to a safer place.
According to underworld sources, this is the first time in the past 15 years that Dawood is feeling threatened in Pakistan.
He feels no longer safe in the hands of his patron the Inter Services Intelligence (ISI), which has been shielding him for decades.
Joint Commissioner of Police (crime) Himanshu Roy said, "After Osama bin Laden and 26/11 Mumbai attack suspect Ilyas Kashmiri being hunted down in Pakistani hideouts, the ISI does not want to be caught on the wrong foot once again by providing shelter to yet another most wanted suspect like Dawood. This will make their position very embarrassing."
Now, the don is apprehensive of the security of his family and himself despite having some close friends and relatives in the Pakistani army and ISI.
According to sources, Dawood is planning to shift his base from Pakistan to another country having strong mafia presence. He also plans to tag along his key associates such as Chhota Shakeel and Aftab Bhatki.
Apparently, there is some sort of trust deficit between Dawood and his Pakistani patrons, particularly the ISI. The notorious intelligence agency used Dawood and his network for carrying out the 1993 serial blasts.
A former Intelligence Bureau (IB) director told MiD DAY that it was foolish for Dawood to trust the ISI, a foreign agency known for sacrificing its own men for saving its skin.
If the sources are to be believed, the don recently sent feelers to the Indian Intelligence agencies asking if they could protect him if he is ready to face the rule of law in India.
Pakistani government is complicit in sheltering anti-nationals for its own advantage. These include gangsters and terrorists wanted in bomb blasts and killings in India. A survey indicates that the ISI needs Indian criminals as much as they need safe sanctuary to operate.
According to police sources, Dawood is respected in ISI circles because of his grip on Mumbai. Destabilising the country's economy under the Karachi Project tops the list of the ISI.
Dawood has the capability to arrange manpower in Mumbai, Bangalore, Mangalore, Nepal or Bangladesh, which could be a relatively difficult task for the ISI.
Besides, the don's men have access to police stations in the city and the corridor of power at Mantralaya. The ISI officials pay Dawood for getting their work done through him.
Mumbai police investigations have indicated Dawood is the main agent for subversive activities in India.
His clandestine operations include smuggling of counterfeit notes, arming loyal groups, harbouring gangsters and acting as a conduit for funds intended for the terror groups.
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Pak TV Program CROSSFIRE is very bold and critical of its Military and the Government
Here's what Asma Jahangir, a Pakistani lawyer and human right activist thinks about the Pak Army Generals! Check it out in the video links below:
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    Please note that there hardly any intervention by the anchor. Compare this with Goswamy on Times TV, Barkha Dutt and others on Indian TV Channels! They hardly let anyone have their say ...
    Every Police Station in India collects Mamool from goondas,encroachers and law breakers. Is the MHA aware of this malaise which terrorists exploit to keep the Police Stations ineffective?
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