Monday, May 2, 2011

US forces kill Osama bin Laden in Pakistan

News hint that about 20 Seals carried out the raid on Osama's house. One helicopter was damaged and destroyed.
In such operations, the raiding force will invariably keep reserves handy close by. In this case also, one to two helicopters and some seals would have established a base in the wilderness about 10 minutes flying time from the target. They had to cater to a contingency where one or two choppers get damaged or more seals required in the target area. The Americans therefore had to have additional helicopters and 10-15 troops close by to exfiltrate their troops from the target if needed.
Harbhajan Singh

Subject: Pak Double Crossed USA: Bin Laden Killed
Date: Monday, 2 May, 2011, 2:01 PM
It is unbelievable that Pak Intelligence (ISI) did not know that Bin Laden was living in the large three story Mansion in Abottabad for a few years. ISI is not that dumb!!! In fact Pakis tried to cover Bin Laden's tracks by always saying that he was on the border of Pakistan-Afghanistan in the mountains!!
It is clearly US Intelligence which traced him thru their own sources. It is a great military feat to infiltrate 4-5 helicopters about 200 km from Afghanistan, avoiding all radar footprints and attack Bin Laden's Mansion so successfully. The US Electronic Counter Measures (ECM) have been perfect indeed.
As I have mentioned below, Pak authorities would have been informed when the attack on the mansion was well on its way or completed. However, it is worth noting that the attack lasted 40 minutes and there seems to have been no military reaction by Pakistan. Surprise seems to have been 100%.
Hats off to US Special Forces and politico military leadership.
Harbhajan Singh

Subject: Bin Laden Killed
Date: Monday, 2 May, 2011, 10:52 AM
Great US military operation to successfully assault the Mansion in Abbotabad, about 90 km North of Islamabad and kill Bin Laden and take his body away!!
Militarily a copy book operation which should be studied by all as more details become available.
Here are some thoughts.
1. About 4-5 helicopters were used. Plans would have been set in motion to blind and deal with any reaction from Pak Air Force.
2. The Force took off from Afghanistan.
3. Pak authorities were not informed before hand, otherwise the operation would have been a disaster.
4. Pak President and may be the Army Chief/ISI Chief etc were informed after the operation was well on its way or ended. The mention in the President's speech about cooperation from Pak authorities is an eye wash and diplomatic gesture.
5. ECM aircraft/resources were used to jam Pak radars and of course the helicopters flew at tree top level to avoid detection.
6. The defenders of the Mansion/Bin Laden must have had anti aircraft shoulder fired missiles. These were neutralized electronically and or the first action of the helicopters was to fire missiles at the mansion to suppress any fire against the helicopters.
7. The secrecy maintained about the operation from Pakistan and everyone else is commendable.
Well done US Government/Intelligence Community/Special Forces and the military.
Harbhajan Singh
Lt Gen

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