Friday, November 30, 2012

Vikramaditya vs Liaoning

- The Shenyang J15 has a range of 3500 km and a max speed of 2.4 Mach. Max takeoff weight 27000 kg. Much superior to the MiG 29K on the Vik’ditya.
- This means that the Liaoning, in a network centric environment, does need to enter the Arabian Sea at all.
- Incidentally, the Chief of the, J-15 jet-fighter programme died Sunday morning (25/11)after he had a heart attack on board the Liaoning. The trials were successfully completed by then.
- We will spend $ 2.3 B and get a Russian Carrier. The Chinese, after spending $ 2 B, have a bigger ship and it is an almost “made in China” Carrier
Vikramaditya vs Liaoning

The Chinese, who commissioned their first carrier (Liaoning) only 2 months ago, have also conducted their first deck landing by a J15. The Chinese baby (as some Indian Naval Officers called it) has suddenly become bigger and certainly more professional.
Watch the accompanying video.  

Commissioning Date
Unknown (postponed many times)
25 Sep 12
Cost of ship
USD 2300 Million (and growing)
USD 2000 Million
45000 Tons
65000 Tons
Previous History
Was a Carrier between 1987 - 1996
Unfinished Carrier. Project Abandoned 1992
Purchase Date
Hull purchased 1998 by a private company.
Commencement of work
Length / Speed
283 m / 32 knots
305 m / 32 knots
Steam Turbines (Russian)
Steam Turbines (Chinese)
Air Elements
16 fixed wing + 10 helicopters
30 fixed wing  + 24 helicopters
 MIG 29K (Russian)
J15 (Chinese) comparable to Russian SU 33
10 – Various (Russian / British)
24 – Various (Chinese)

The Indian Navy has been operating Carriers for more than 50 years and the Chinese for about 2 months.  Please compare the table above and decide how the Indian Tax Payers money is being spent?

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